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Porcus is Danish veterinarian practice consisting of 17 veterinarians. We are exclusively a swine veterinary consulting clinic providing herd health services to clients in Denmark as well as international consultation in countries such as England, France, Russia, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Germany, Spain, Portugal and Italy.

Currently we provide herd health services to more than 1250 herds in Denmark. Including international consultancy, we are on farms more than 10.000 times a year.

The pig industry is under constant pressure to deliver ever-better results while contending with a range of risks that can threaten their survival. Interactions between housing systems, ventilation, feeding as well as diseases are constantly affecting pig health.

Our primary ambition is to help swine producers with knowledge, strategies and resources to help them reach their goals. Our focus on swine diseases helps developing a rich understanding of our clients` businesses and the insight, skills and resources required to address swine specific issues and opportunities.

We are used to manage complex disease problems and offer independent, competent and professional veterinary advisory service. We provide advisory service with a consistent set of multidisciplinary skills in the veterinary profession due to our special degree in swine medicine. We are also committed to work for good animal welfare while increasing the value for the pig producer.

As part of our herd health consultancy, any on-farm consultancy is followed by a written report in which are included herd health status at present as well as new action plans and future herd strategy.

Porcus pig practice is always represented at relevant courses and meetings thereby retrieving newest relevant research results in benefit of our clients.

We recognize we should always be accountable for our actions and must maintain our independence and objectivity.

Contact Porcus
Should you wish to know more, you are more than welcome to get in contact with Dr. Kristian Viekilde +45 3095 2440.

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